About pridegree.org

PriDegree.org – the organisation that helps and assists talent individuals, start-ups and those labelled as “dreamers” achieve their success, goals and dreams through graphic design solutions.

I understand that life is hard, and it has so many challenges. I built my graphic design studio from funds I acquired on online design communities. I know how hard it is for people not to understand you nor wanting to help you. Now, that I have the solution I want to help.

Over the years, I had dreams and aspirations. I went to many places for help, but I did not receive any. You know the saying  “in order for you to make money, you need money”? It is so powerful, and its operational in the world, and the minds of many people. So many talented people are living unfulfilled lives, because they can’t afford it. Many people who were suppose to be successful are living in an endless life of “what ifs”. So, I want to break the cycle.

PriDegree.org is a division of PriDegree Designs, which offers premium graphic design at an affordable price (I cannot do it for free, that would be absurd, and you will take it for granted). By affordable I mean, more convenient for your lifestyle.

For instance, how much will it cost to get a professional illustrator. Maybe you have gone to so many places and cannot afford it. You end up with your work never getting published – all because you cannot afford it! Well, I have a solution which works for you. Pay whatever you can afford, as long as there’s no strict deadline.

For instance, instead of paying an illustrator $5000 for your illustrations, which you cannot afford. You could pay $200 per month for the same quality, just over a longer period of time. That way making the payment does not inconvenience your lifestyle, and you get your book published in the end. This is just an example, for accurate rates which are negotiable pleasecontact me.

Remember there’s no need for your dream not to come true.